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Back in the day, $60 might’ve scored you a decent bag, but the times have changed, and Certified is upping the game. Now that same $60 gets you the heavyweight CHAMP of chiefing on the go, the Certified Stoner Kit: 515 Edition. 


Plus, we’re throwing a FREE 420 MYSTERY TEE into the mix for anyone who pre-orders. Stay tuned for fresh drops every day all week. 


  • Certified Carrying Case: Flex on whoever necessary, with a custom case that packs a punch, pays tribute to the DMI, and carries your smoking essentials like a real one.

  • Exclusive Rolling Tray: Roll with the power of a knockout artist on our no-nonsense, 515-themed tray. No waste, all tasteeeee.

  • Doob Tube x2: Keep your pre-rolls in fighting shape, protected and odor-free. These tubes are your defense against the world's elements.

  • Smell-Proof Container: Your stash is valuable. Our container guards it like a title belt, no leaks, no stink, and no nerds begging to take it from you. Two doobs enter, no scent leaves.

  • Precision Grinder: This beast doesn’t just grind; it demolishes with precision, getting your trees championship-ready.

  • MVP Joint Roller: Roll with the confidence of a champ — quick, slick, and ready to throw down. It’s not just about rolling; it’s about being ready at all times.

  • Precision Scale: Don't be that guy missing weight; our scale keeps you on point. Step into the ring with the right amount every time, no excuses.

  • Mystery Tee: Each kit comes with a Mystery Tee, so you can rep Certified stoner vibes in a fresh, exclusive design.


Throw down with Certified this 420. Whether you’re stepping into the ring or chilling after a daily win, we got you 👊


Spend your $60 wisely 💨



CERTIFIED STONER Kit // 515 Edition

Ships mid-May
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